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  • Marriage & Children Problem Consultancy by Astrology:

    Marriage (also called matrimony or wedlock) is a socially or ritually recognized union or legal contract between that establishes rights and obligations between them, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws

    We will deeply analyze your Birth chart and the strengths and weakness of concerned planets and houses. You may get answers to following questions:  

    Marriage Dealy ? When will I get married?

    Will I get arrange marriage or love marriage?

    What are the good periods for marriage?

    Disputes in Husband and Wife ?

    Other Person in your Partener Life ?

    Discuss Your Problem

     Pt. D. Raj Shastri (Gold Medelist)

    SaiRaj Jyotish is a reputed name in astrology since 1960, Our ancesters are also in this field and having a reputed name in this field.

    Our team of expert astrologers are working in this field sine many years and made some devined powered yantra and astrology solutions that can help the people no matter there is Love problem, marriage problem, business problem or family problems

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                 Daily Horoscope
    • Gun Milan or Horoscope matching of a boy and a girl is done to determine their overall compatibility for marriage. The horoscopes are matched on eight parameters which carry 36 points in all. If the number of Gunas are 27 or more out of 36, it is considered the best matching and if it is between 18 to 25, marriage can be advised. Below said points should be kept in mind before match making:

      1. What is the strength of the horoscope on marriage front?

      2. Is there any Vidhur yog or Vaidvay yog?( widow hood yoga)

      3. Matching of malefic planets which affected marital houses in horoscope

      4. Dasha matching

      5. Manglik dosha matching

      For match Making provide the following detail as follows:

      1. Boy & Girl Date of Birth

      2. Boy & Girl Date of Bith Timing

      3. Boy & Girl Date of Bith Place

    We all want to married and want happy life, but sometimes it does not happen.Whether a person will have marriage problem or mental compatibility with his/her spouse or not can be judged by consideration of relationship between the houses ruling the marital affairs and the sixth house.


    1) The lord of the seventh house containing a mooltrikona sign is the primary significator of marriage. In case there is no mooltrikona sign in the seventh house, then the lord of the next mooltrikona house signifying marriage (the second, fourth, eighth or twelfth house) is considered. For each ascendant, the primary significator of marriage is:-

    Aries - Venus

    Taurus - The Sun

    Gemini - Jupiter

    Cancer - The Sun

    Leo - Saturn

    Virgo - Venus

    Libra - Mars

    Scorpio - Jupiter

    Sagittarius - The Moon

    Capricorn - The Moon

    Aquarius - The Sun

    Pisces - Mercury

    (2) Venus and Jupiter are general significators of marriage for males and females, respectively.


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